How can textile and resilient floor coverings be installed but allow easy floor removal? WITH SIGAN 1.

Sigan 1 allows textile and resilient floor coverings to be replaced quickly and simply when refurbishment is required. Swift and flexible changes of floor coverings is becoming increasingly important especially in newly constructed rental flats, offices or shops. Sigan 1 offers easy floor removal and can provide years of problem free protection for the substrate. The floor covering can be replaced quickly and cleanly when the usage changes or new tenants move in. Only the switchTec adhesive technology from UZIN offers this advantage, because Sigan 1 is guaranteed to leave no residues or damage when the floor covering is removed.


Step by step guide:

Sigan 1 is ideal for new constructions allowing quick and trouble free flooring removal.

Ernst Wohlleb
Head of technical services UZIN

UZIN Planus Film-forming Sigan system primer

Primer for residue-free removability of Sigan 1 or Sigan Elements Plus on levelling compounds, chipboard and metal.

  • guarantees the secure installation of floor coverings using Sigan 1 or Sigan Elements Plus
  • guarantees a residue-free removal of floor coverings laid with Sigan 1 or Sigan Elements Plus
Removable without residues

UZIN Sigan 1 Dry adhesive film backing on levelled / raw substrates

Planus necessary as a primer

Dry adhesive for PVC/CV coverings, PVC design coverings, rubber coverings, textile coverings in sheets and tiles on levelling compounds, chipboard and metal.

  • quick and easy installation
  • no trapped air bubbles thanks to micro-perforation and ventilation channels
  • floor covering is immediately ready for foot traffic and loading
  • can be welded / jointed immediately
  • later removal leaves no residues

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