Which quick drying cement is best to reduce the drying times of screeds?

UZIN SC 980.

Screeds can have a drying time of at least 28 days. When using standard cements or calcium sulphate screeds, the drying time maybe much longer due to high thicknesses. The solution for shortening the drying times comes with the low shrinkage quick dry cement UZIN SC 980. It consists of a rapid setting special binding agent, which also ensures minimal shrinkage and creates a low stress screed. Regardless of the floor covering, the surface is ready for covering after 24 hours*. Thanks to its reduced shrinkage, joint-free areas up to 200 m² are possible.

*At >10 °C and 80% relative humidity.


Step by step guide:

UZIN SC 980 quick setting cement is the absolute problem solver on projects with short deadlines.

Tony King
National Sales Manager and Technical Support

UZIN SC 980 Low-shrinkage rapid cement

Ternary binder for creation of rapid cementitious screeds in interior and exterior areas with a drying time of 1 to 5 days, CT-C25-F4 to CT-C40-F6

  • low stress
  • helps reduce cracks and shrinkage
  • joint-free areas up to 200 m²
  • quick drying even with unfavourable climatic conditions
  • high strength
  • functional heating after 3 days

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