Preparing subfloors

Priming substrates

Preparing subfloors

Priming substrates

Priming substrates

Proper preparation of the substrate is the foundation of a secure flooring structure with high quality and ability to withstand stress. UZIN has the right primer even for the most difficult of substrates in its product range. Whether a substrate is damp, dry, labile, dense, or cracked, UZIN offers a secure and fast solution to the problem. With high-quality dispersion-based, PUR, and epoxy resin product from UZIN, the installer has the right primer for any condition at hand. Simple handling and functionality, as well as high security, are the hallmarks of UZIN’s range of primers.

Priming substrates

L3 Gold System Primer System Primer

Primer for UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System

  • simple handling
  • very rapid drying
  • no quartz sand sprinkling

UZIN PE 280 Super Fast Primer

Dispersion-based primer with carbon technology for non-absorbent substrates

  • ready mixed
  • film-forming
  • ideal for dense substrates
  • also suitable for wall applications
  • for fast construction

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Ready Mixed Primer

Dispersion-based primer for absorbent substrates, screeds and concrete

  • ready mixed
  • very economical
  • rapid drying
  • reduces the absorbency of the substrate

UZIN PE 460 2-Component Epoxy Blocking Primer

Epoxy primer for damp or weak substrates, with coloured components to indicate when mixed

  • reduced odour during application
  • high barrier effect against moisture
  • very good surface penetration
  • resis…

UZIN PE 480 2-Component Epoxy Moisture Barrier

Epoxy primer for blocking residual moisture, with coloured components to indicate when mixed

  • anhydrous
  • very good filling capacity
  • resistant against water, frost and chemicals
  • can be used on wet…

UZIN PE 520 Universal Primer

Additive and wet primer for cement levelling compounds

  • Plasticizer for levelling compounds
  • Diluted with water as a wet primer
  • Increases flexibility and bond strength
  • Reduces stress- and…

UZIN PE 650 1-Component Flex Trowel-Applied Primer

Cement based dispersion primer and filler

  • fills, seals and smoothes in one application
  • sets hydraulically
  • application thickness up to 4 mm
  • flexible when set
  • up to 25% more coverage compared to…

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Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

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